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In memory of Moringe Parkipuny by Susanna Nordlund

Another Loliondo Visit - A Kind of Safari Report

In July 2013 I managed to return to Loliondo and meet some people affected by Thomson Safaris’ occupation of 12,617 acres of Maasai land. This report is maybe too personal, but not of the kind written in another time. It focuses on the land threats (and me seeking information about them) and not my inadequacies as a tourist, weird and wonderful people and animals I've met, or efforts to wash my hair without running water. The report may contain some whining and ranting.

More… Aug 30, 2013

Conservation evangelism will not save elephants from everlasting poaching

* Although most KWS rangers are honest people who risk their lives protecting wild animals, the evangelists rarely acknowledge them. * More and more cash being donated to save Africa’s remaining populations of wildlife. Yet much of the cash is devoted to wildlife research projects. * Rather than work with KWS in dealing with well-heeled, gun-toting gangs of poachers, evangelists are walking all over the place “sensitizing” Kenyans.

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