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April 2014 Archives

Thailand: Prominent Activist Feared ‘Disappeared’

"Billy was taken for questioning regarding an unlawful wild bee honeycomb and six bottles of honey allegedly found in his possession"

The Thai authorities should urgently provide information about a prominent ethnic Karen activist who is believed to have been forcibly disappeared, Human Rights Watch said today. Por Cha Lee Rakchongcharoen, known as “Billy,” was reportedly arrested on April 17, 2014, in Kaengkrachan National Park in Petchaburi province and released, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

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Tanapa Rangers Commit Arson in Arash

and Other News about Loliondo Land Threats - Latest update from 'The Termite Mound.'

The case against Ngodidio Roitiken was dismissed - The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism issued threats against pastoralists - Tanapa rangers burned down bomas in Arash and no action was taken against this - There’s a dangerous lack of unity - Seasonal OBC worker travel to Loliondo in the middle of the rainy season - FZS are hard at work making top recruitments to carry out their plans for Loliondo - Thomson Safaris continue occupying Maasai land and the court case against them is ongoing - The American organisation EarthRights lends a hand to the struggle.

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Botswana’s hunting ban.

Bushmen starve, trophy hunters carry on.

Botswana’s President Khama has banned all hunting nationwide, even for Bushmen who hunt to feed their families – but an exception is being made for trophy hunters paying up to $8,000 to hunt giraffes and zebras.

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