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April 2022 Archives

Tanzania’s Maasai appeal to west to stop eviction for conservation plans

Thousands of Indigenous people sign letter to UK, US and EU protesting at appropriation of land for tourist safaris and hunting

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La Fabriquita: lecciones de una comunidad en Guerrero para proteger el agua y salvar el bosque en México

Hace casi 15 años, los habitantes de una comunidad en el sur de México decidieron conservar el lugar que les proporciona agua: poco más de 500 hectáreas de su territorio las destinaron a la creación de una reserva ecológica. El bosque que conserva la comunidad, sin contar con apoyo gubernamental, se conoce como La Fabriquita; ahí se encuentra el manantial que beneficia a ocho pueblos de la Costa Chica de Guerrero.

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Protecting water by conserving forests puts communities in Mexico to the test

Almost 15 years ago, the inhabitants of eight towns in southern Mexico’s Costa Chica decided to conserve an area that provides them with water by setting aside five square kilometers of their land to create an ecological reserve. Previously, sewage from the largest municipality in the area was discharged into the rivers that communities used for washing, bathing and drinking. Conflicts initially broke out between communities over sharing water and contributions to the protection of the reserve, though the project has sensitized people to conservation and increased the amount of water in the spring. However, according to forestry experts, Mexico’s protected natural areas have exceeded the institution’s capacity and available resources, meaning the communities that manage the conservation of the reserve receive little institutional support.

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